How common are Black cat breeds with Green Eyes

Black Felines have either Green or Gold eyes, usually depending on whether the cat in question is of an Exotic Breed ,or mixed with an Exocit. These Black Beauties tend to be very much larger than a domestic Cat ,have Big Almond Shaped Green Eyes, where Other Smaller domestic Blacks have More roundish Gold Eyes .The larger ,green eyed ,will typically have longer more silky coats,with tails that are plumelike. Whereas, smaller ,gold eyed ones usually sport coats much shorter and soft yet not silky soft.

My cat has huge green eyes, she is half black siamese and half American short hair. The green eyes are very different in appearance from a cat with yellow eyes. Black cats with copper eyes can sometimes be a Bombay mix or Burmese… both of these breeds have amazing personality traits if you happen to have one!

Black Cat Breeds with Green Eyes

I guess it depends on where you live. I just visited a cat café/adoption center here in Czech Republic (Europe :)). They had a wall full of photos of all cats which found their families there (over 200) and all the black ones had yellow/gold eyes. I thinks it is quite rare to see green eyed black cat here.

My cat misty has green eyes dominantly but sometimes in different lighting and different times of the day they are like a golden yellow, especially at night they glow yellow and you stare at the darkness when suddenly this yellow eyed thing starts emerging from the dark and jumps onto the bed and smooches my face
It’s a great, however strange thing.

Exotic Cat

Another breed with delegates in minimal dark dresses (or tuxedos, on the off chance that you incline toward) is the Exotic, the CFA's other most famous feline, as indicated by Bennett. Known as the Persian for occupied individuals who love that breed however come up short on the ideal opportunity for the required day by day preparing, the CFA calls Exotics the best-kept mystery of the feline world.

"My Exotic feline Salem's jacket is short, thick, thick and, extremely dull," says Raymond, who includes that both her dark Exotic and Persian play bring and look for heaps of consideration. Smooth and friendly, the Exotic is seldom vocal, canny and steadfast.

Ragamuffins Cat

With huge expressive eyes and a coat as delicate as a bunny's, the show-ceasing Ragamuffin is a quiet, tolerant kitty who's anxious to please. Vigorously boned, medium-sized felines with medium-long coats that don't tangle, dark Ragamuffins are champions with the look and feel of a rich toy. Regardless of whether they're buddies to dynamic youngsters or the amigo of an occupant feline or puppy, Ragamuffins are known for listening effectively and remarking on what you're letting them know. Their disposition makes them effectively trainable — Ragamuffins do well on tackles and in learning amusements — and their sweet identities mean they're normal associates for those looking for organization and support.

Scottish Fold Cat

Their mischievous ears give the Scottish Fold a look of naughtiness and his lovably little voice is a differentiation to his durable, adjusted body. A strong breed that started in corrals, Scottish Folds — which come both long and short haired — are brought into the world with straight ears that generally start 'collapsing' at three to about a month of age (in spite of the fact that not all Scottish Fold cats' ears overlay). With sweet demeanors that work with their hilariously owlish looks, Scottish Folds are companions to hounds, different felines and particularly their own most loved people, adjusting admirably to occupied families and also single friends.

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